Pregnancy and childbirth is a beautiful journey that every woman deserves to enjoy. We aim to provide personalized and comprehensive antenatal services. Women can choose from a range of private hospitals to deliver in, depending on their personal preferences and budgets. Hospital tours at different hospitals can be arranged for you by our staff at your request.

Our services include:

Early dating scans

  See us early in your pregnancy for a scan to reliably date your gestation.  

Antenatal packages

  Please contact us to enquire more.  

2D and 3D scans

  Images of high quality can be obtained each visit.  

Screening for fetal conditions

  Every mother-to-be should consider screening her fetus for Down Syndrome, structural abnormalities and hereditary syndromes. Different types of screening tools are available.  

Routine antenatal care

  Follow-up in pregnancy ranges from one- to four-weekly appointments.  

Cord blood collection/donation

  We have close affiliation with Singapore Cord Blood Bank and private cord blood banking companies whose representatives can meet you at your convenience […]

List of Hospitals for Delivery :

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